VOLUME 30, NUMBER 30 THURSDAY, April 29, 1999

Moving On

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Ehsan Afshani, clinical professor, Department of Radiology.

Raymond P. Bissonette, associate professor, Department of Family Medicine.

Gary E. Burgess, associate professor, Department of Music.

Jacqualyn B. Cramer, senior academic advisor, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Richard D. Dean, motor vehicle operator, Bussing Service.

Terrelyn L. Dixon, associate professor for EOC, Educational Opportunity Center.

Mary E. Finn, lecturer, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy.

Charles M. Gaverick, associate professor, Oral Health Services and Informatics.

Carolyn Haist, keyboard specialist I, Department of Physics.

Judith C. Jankowski, keyboard specialist I, Department of Career Planning and Placement.

James S. Julian, professor, Department of Psychology.

Harriet R. Simons, professor, Department of Music.

Alfrieda M. Sutz, staff associate, Division of Biological and Behavioral Sciences, School of Dental Medicine.

Elizabeth Syracuse, keyboard specialist I, University Libraries, Central Technical Services.

Donna M. Szymanski, calculations clerk I, Student Accounts.

Marjorie A. Walker, calculations clerk I, University Residence Halls.

Carolyn H. Wall, senior lab technician (nucleonics), Occupational and Environmental Safety Services.

Milton M. Weiser, professor, Department of Medicine.

Adrienne J. Woestendiek, clerk I, University Libraries, Central Technical Services.

To submit items about new UB employees, those leaving or those who have been promoted, send by email to Transitions at danzig@buffalo.edu.

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