VOLUME 30, NUMBER 30 THURSDAY, April 29, 1999


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Clinical Assistant Professor-Department of Occupational Therapy, Posting #F-9034.
Senior Assistant Librarian/Associate Librarian-Educational Technology Center, Posting #F-9035.
Assistant/Associate Professor (GFT)-Department of Pediatrics, Posting #F-9036.


Senior Staff Assistant (SL-3)-Office of the Vice President for Health Affairs, Posting #P-9037.
Developer (SL-3)-Department of Computing and Information Technology, Posting #P-9038.
Clark Hall Building Manager, Coordinator for Sports Clubs (SL-2)-Department of Athletics, Posting #P-9044.
Coordinator for Open Recreation (SL-2)- Department of Athletics, Posting #P-9045.
Ticket Sales Associate/Marketing Coordinator for Women's Athletics (SL-2)-Department of Athletics, Posting #P-9046.
Recruiting and Eligibility Coordinator (SL-2)-Department of Athletics, Posting #P-9049.
Coordinator of Student Athlete Services (SL-2)-Department of Athletics, Posting #P-9050.
Assistant Administrative Director (SL-3)-University Honors program, Posting #P-9051.
Director, Operational Support Services (SL-6)-Department of Computing and Information Technology, Posting #P-9052.
LAN Systems Sr. Programmer Analyst (SL-4)-Department of Computing and Information Technology, Posting #P-9053.
Senior Programmer/Analyst (SL-4)-Science and Engineering Node Services, Posting #P-9055.
Executive Director of OUPP (SL5)-Office for University Preparatory Programs, Posting #P-9057.
Storage Management Coordinator (SL-5)-Department of Computing and Information Technology, Posting #P-9058.


Research Technician III-Department of Occupational and Rehabilitation Science, Posting #R-98033.
Study Director-Center for Research on Urban Social Work Practice, Posting #R-98105.
Secretary I-Department of Psychology, Posting #R-98107.
Research Support Specialist-CEDAR, Posting #R-99020.
Postdoctoral Associate-Department of Medicine, Posting #R-99021.
Student Assistant-RF Personnel/HR Services, Posting #R-99031.
Project Administrative Officer-Department of Family Medicine, Posting #R-99032.
Instructor, Department of Pharmacology (Toxicology Research Center), Posting #R-99034.
Administrative Assistant I-Development, Posting #R-99035.
Assistant Director of Development for Athletics-Development, Posting #R-99036.

Non-Competitive/Labor Classified Civil Service

Building Service Aide (NS-3, part time, temporary) (three positions available)-University Facilities, Line # to be determined.

To obtain more information on jobs listed above, contact Personnel Services' fax response system by calling 645-3843 and following the voice prompt instructions. To obtain information on Research jobs, contact Sponsored Programs Personnel, 416 Crofts

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