VOLUME 30, NUMBER 30 THURSDAY, April 29, 1999

Peter A. Rogerson named 1999 Guggenheim Fellow

send this article to a friend Peter A. Rogerson, a professor in the Department of Geography in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been awarded a 1999 Guggenheim Fellowship Award.

He is one of 179 scholars, artists and scientists selected from among 2,800 applicants.

Guggenheim fellows are appointed on the basis of unusually distinguished achievement in the past and exceptional promise for future accomplishment.

The fellowship will provide support for Rogerson's research on statistical methods for the surveillance of geographic patterns. The methods that will be developed will be applied to early detection of changes in crime and disease patterns.

Rogerson's research area also involves the geographic distribution and redistribution of the population of the United States. Much of his work has focused on interstate migration-how individual and family decisions to move, and where to move, are made, and how those decisions affect the demographic and economic character of the origin and destination. He is interested in the effect that the aging of the baby-boom generation will have on the magnitude and direction of migration, and where adult children live in relation to their parents.

Rogerson was part of a team of researchers awarded a $192,000 National Institute of Justice grant in 1998 to participate in a consortium to design and evaluate computerized crime-analysis tools for U.S. law enforcement agencies. The project's goal was to develop and test software based on geographic information systems to provide police departments with tools to optimize their resources, such as when and where to deploy officers.

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