VOLUME 30, NUMBER 20 THURSDAY, February 11, 1999


send this article to a friend Will additional funding be available for fixing Year 2000 problems?
No. Each department, unit or node is expected to balance the need for Y2K resources with other priorities.

How do you fix the Y2K problem?
You fix the problem by modifying programs or devices to work properly, replacing them with compliant ones or figuring out a way to work around any potential damage that could be caused by noncompliance. The solution you choose will be based on various factors, including how critical the system is to continuing operations, cost of the solution, availability of vendor upgrades, time, impact on resources and contingency plans.

The Year 2000 remediation process consists of these steps:

Step 1: Inventory
Step 2: Assessment (Analysis)
Step 3: Conversion (Renovation)
Step 4: Validation/Testing
Step 5: Implementation
Step 6: Monitoring

Information on each of these steps can be found on UB's Year 2000 Web site, under "Fix-It Guidelines" at http://wings.buffalo.edu/year2000, along with a timeline and some guidelines for completing the remediation process.

If you have Y2K questions that you would like answered in this column, email them to goldbaum@buffalo.edu.

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