VOLUME 30, NUMBER 20 THURSDAY, February 11, 1999

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Assistant/Associate Professor-Department of Music, Posting #F-8109.
Associate/Full Professor-Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Division of Biostatistics, Posting #F-8110.
Assistant Professor, School Psychology-Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Posting #F-9001.
Assistant Professor, Higher Education-Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, Posting #F-9002.
Assistant/Associate Professor-Department of Restorative Dentistry, Posting #F-9003.
ESL Instructor-UB Educational Opportunity Center, Posting #F-9004.
Associate/Full Professor-Department of Medicine, Geriatrics Division, Posting #F-9006.
Assistant/Associate Professor (GFT)-Department of Pediatrics, Posting #F-9007.
Assistant/Associate Professor (two positions available)-Department of Medicine, Infectious Disease Division, Posting #F-9008.
Clinical/Assistant/Associate/Full Professor-School of Pharmacy, Posting #F-9005.


Marketing Coordinator (SL-4)-Millard Fillmore College, Posting #P-8030.
Assistant to the Chair (SL-3)-Department of Media Study, Posting #P-8151.
Director of Financial Aid-Department of Student Finances and Records, Posting #P-8153.
Senior Programmer/Research Analyst (SL-4)-Office of the Provost, Posting #P-9004.
Research Analyst (SL-4)-Department of Academic Information and Planning, Posting #P-9005.
Multimedia Software Developer (SL-3) (two positions available)-Health Professions Information Technology Partnership, Posting #P-9006, 9007.
Coordinator of the Freshman Year Experience (SL-2)-Office of Student Affairs, Posting #P-9008.
Assistant to Chair (SL-3)-Department of Biochemistry, Posting #P-9009.
Residence Hall Director (SL-2)-Office of Student Affairs, Posting #P-9010.
Instructional Support Specialist (SL-4)-Educational Technology Center, Posting #P-9011.
Senior Admissions Advisor (SL-4)-Office of Admissions-Posting #P-9012.
Instructional Support Specialist (SL-3)-School of Management, Posting #P-9013.
Quality Assurance Coordinator/Patient Advocate (SL-2)-Office of the Dean, School of Dental Medicine, Posting #P-9014.
User Support Technician/PC Specialist (SL-3)-Walkway Technology Mode, Posting #P-9015.


Study Director-Center for Research on Urban Social Work Practice, Posting #R-98105.
Research Lab Technician III-Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Posting #R-99005.
Accounting Clerk-CAMBI, Posting #R-99007. Secretary I-Dean's Office, School of Medicine, Posting #R-99008.
Clerk II/Clerical Specialist (1 to 3 full-time/part-time positions available)-Department of Microbiology, Posting #R-99009.
Project Staff Assistant-Department of Occupational Therapy, Posting #R-99010.
Secretary II (six-month, full time, temporary)-Department of Grants and Contracts, Posting #R-99011.
Assistant for Budget/Personnel-CEDAR, Posting #R-99012. Clerk II-Research Foundation Purchasing, Posting #R-99013.
Rehabilitation Counselor Trainer-CRP-RRCEP-II, Posting #R-99014. Research Technician I or II-Department of Pathology, Posting #R-99015.

Non-Competitive/Labor Classified Civil Service
Building Service Aide (NS-3, part time, temporary) (three positions available)-University Facilities, Line # to be determined.

To obtain more information on jobs listed above, contact Personnel Services' fax response system by calling 645-3843 and following the voice prompt instructions. To obtain information on Research jobs, contact Sponsored Programs Personnel, 416 Crofts.

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