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President’s Brand Council weighs in on initiative

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Published April 12, 2016 This content is archived.


Members of the President’s Brand Council talk about UB’s new identity and brand strategy initiative and what it means for the university.

“We’ve asked the ‘what’s in a name?’ question since Shakespeare’s time. Our name, our logo, our look are the most visible manifestations of UB and how we are perceived. It’s vitally important, as we strive for excellence, that our branding be excellent. And as we continue to pursue excellence, it is exciting to promote who we are and what we do with a new look and a new strategy.

“This is certainly a time for a new UB: new mission, new vision and new energy. And a new UB deserves a new look!”

— Dennis Black, vice president for university life and services

“UB’s identity and brand strategy initiative is a promise. As a member of the UB community, I am very excited to make our promise known to the large and diverse communities of scholars and community members that use our library system.”

— Austin Booth, vice provost for university libraries

“Our new brand strategy is vital to clarifying our institutional identity, strengths and strategic direction for a broad range of international constituents — from prospective students and faculty to institutional partners to overseas alumni. Our brand will resonate well with students and colleagues abroad, and serve to enhance UB’s reputation globally.”

— Stephen Dunnett, vice provost for international education

“The brand identity initiative, to me, is well-timed and will be an important campaign. UB has always seemed like a fortress in Buffalo despite its size and scope, both locally, nationally and internationally. When I present research or attend other doctoral programs, they are very much impressed with UB and its research activities and I’m not so sure this message is understood in upstate New York.

“UB has so many important audience members, including potential students, parents, employers, alumni and partners, that it is important we communicate our identity in a consistent manner. UB is a comprehensive research university located on a great lake and 15 minutes from Canada. Its location, its uniqueness and its resolve, like the city that surrounds it, make it a special place.”

– Thomas Feeley, professor, Department of Communication

“These are such exciting times at UB and in Buffalo, and this moment is perfect for redefining our public persona through the identity and brand initiative that we are launching today. The new brand platform sets the stage for us to communicate our impacts and values more strongly than ever to internal and external stakeholders — an ongoing effort that is of critical importance to our great university.”

— Liesl Folks, dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

“UB has an awesome story that needs to be shared; the new brand launch will be an integral exercise to execute this narrative. The new brand launch should also help build better and stronger connections between departments, schools and the entire university. UB Athletics is key to this brand launch. Our teams are not just seen by fans in the local venues. With college athletics being viewed as quality content by network and cable sport networks, UB’s new brand will be seen by millions of viewers.”

— Philip L. Glick, chair, UB Faculty Senate and professor of surgery, pediatrics and management

“The university’s academic strength has always been a key athletics message in promoting UB to student-athletes, coaches and other universities nationwide. UB Athletics’ refreshed identity helps to further amplify that message and builds on our successful efforts to promote UB’s academic stature across the state and nationwide — a message with strong appeal to the coaches, staff and student-athletes we recruit.”

— Allen Greene, director of athletics

“UB branding dovetails with Buffalo renaissance. Rising UB will lift all the constituencies and communities.”

— Jaekyung Lee, dean, Graduate School of Education

“For the School of Nursing, the branding initiative process serves as an opportunity to reflect on our strengths, accentuate our distinctiveness and highlight our innovative approaches to education and the nursing profession.”

— Marsha Lewis, dean, School of Nursing

“I think the branding initiative has been thoroughly researched and the final product really reflects the culture and values of this university. UB is an extremely diverse place with so many great things happening every day, and this new initiative will showcase what UB has to offer. The Brand Council has representatives from all across the university and the final result is something that, in my opinion, can work for every department. I have been extremely impressed with the level of commitment and engagement from everyone who has played a role in bringing this idea to life.”

— Joseph Pace, ’16, treasurer, undergraduate Student Association and student, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

“We are who we choose to be. With our new branding, UB chooses to lead.”

— E. Bruce Pitman, dean, College of Arts and Sciences

“I’m excited that we have a brand that really captures the essence of UB — with it, we will be able fully communicate all that our vibrant campus and regional communities have to offer. And finally, people will understand why a faculty member like me would plan to come here for a few years and end up staying for 25. ”

— Nancy Smyth, dean, School of Social Work

“As the numbers of applications to UB continue to rise, the brand strategy initiative will further articulate our university’s reputation — one that is built on academic and research excellence, scholarly distinction and transformative student experiences. We have a compelling story to tell and the new brand strategy will allow us to clearly differentiate UB from other institutions, further increasing interest in our university among students, faculty and academic leaders from around the world.”

— Scott Weber, senior vice provost for academic affairs

“Our 240,000 alumni all over the world already speak a common language:  a passion for UB. The identity and brand strategy is going to allow all of us to communicate that passion in a powerful, consistent, succinct manner. We are a global network and we are going to be global ambassadors for the brand and the university we love.”

— Larry Zielenski, acting executive director, Office of Alumni Engagement