Vaccination information for international students



Published July 30, 2021


UB is ready to welcome its large population of international students back to campus as soon as Aug. 1, as they begin to settle in before the fall semester. That includes some 1,500 new arrivals who were either admitted to the university for this fall or for fall 2020, but were unable to travel here due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their pending return, however, has generated many questions among international students who may or may not have been vaccinated in their home country and wonder what that will mean for them upon their arrival at UB. International students can find additional information about the fall semester here.

UBNow addresses a few of the most frequently asked questions.

I received an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine in my home country. Do I need to get vaccinated again when I come to UB?

No. Students vaccinated in their home country do not need to be re-vaccinated in the U.S. as long as they completed the series for one of the three COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration: Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

Students who are fully vaccinated with a vaccine authorized by the World Health Organization also do not need to be re-vaccinated.

What happens if my proof of vaccination is not written in English?

Vaccination documents should be submitted to UB in their original, official format along with a copy translated into English.

I was unable to get vaccinated in my home country. Can I be vaccinated when I arrive at UB?

Yes. The vaccine series can be completed in the U.S.

What should I do if I received only the first dose of an FDA-approved vaccine prior to arrival in the U.S.?

Make sure to know how long you need to wait before obtaining the second dose. After the waiting period between doses expires, make arrangements to get the second dose. Be sure to bring the vaccination information from your first dose when you go for the second.

Will UB provide a vaccination clinic?

During the month of August, students can use the state Department of Health’s vaccination site in Harriman Hall on the South Campus. Students can book an appointment on the state website — the clinic will be listed as University at Buffalo South Campus — but walk-ins also are accepted.  

Students also can make an appointment at local retail pharmacies. UB is finalizing a partnership with retail pharmacies to provide on-going vaccination clinics on the North, South and Downtown campuses. More details will be announced shortly.

I received a COVID-19 vaccine in my home country that has NOT been authorized by either the FDA or WHO? What do I do?

In that case, students will need to get vaccinated again, this time with a COVID-19 vaccine authorized for use by the FDA.

Students should wait at least 28 days after their last dose of the non-authorized vaccine before beginning a new series of the authorized vaccine.

What if I received a first dose of a WHO-authorized vaccine in my home country, but wasn’t able to get the second dose before leaving for UB?

If a student, while in their home country, received a first dose of a vaccine authorized by the WHO — but not by the FDA — they also would need to start the series over with an FDA-authorized vaccine after arrival.

Again, students should wait at least 28 days after their last dose before restarting a series approved by the FDA.

What are the vaccination requirements for moving into university-owned and operated residence halls and apartments?

Only fully vaccinated students can move into university-owned and operated residence halls and apartment housing. Students with approved exemptions will also be allowed to move in.

International students who have not had access to, are only partially vaccinated due to limited access, or who have received non-FDA, non-WHO vaccine will be required to complete and submit a form certifying their status and their intent to be vaccinated upon arrival. Once the form is completed and submitted to Campus Living, the student will be allowed to move into campus housing. More UB housing information can be found here.