Research News

Plate piled high with hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken and french fries.

A new UB study shows how heavy drinking affects diet.


Research led by Larry Hawk finds that stimulants improve short-term working memory and the ability to inhibit.


A UB field station gave scientists from around the world the rare chance to conduct controlled blasts at a larger scale than the lab can provide.


UB urban planner calls for the U.S., Canadian sides of the Falls to douse their nighttime lights to make visible this rare atmospheric occurrence.


Psychology professor has been named president-elect of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior.


A UB tobacco policy expert says 1980s warning labels failed to distinguish between the harms of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.


The UB-led research suggests the gene may play a role in regulating the immune system’s response to threats.


UB research identifying M3R receptor as a promising drug target helps lay the foundation for future clinical trials.


Alison Treichel is the first UB medical student to receive a Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Research Mentorship program award.


GSE's Open Education Research Lab will support SUNY's efforts to promote the use of open or free educational materials.


UB researcher Catherine Cook-Cottone hopes her work will pave the way for health care insurers to cover therapeutic yoga.


Social work researcher Noelle St. Vil’s analysis uncovers barriers women face when entering new relationships.  


A $3 million implementation science grant will support the work of faculty scholars who will help ensure medical innovations reach the patient.