Research News


Scientists at the University of Rochester and UB believe they've found a promising compound that could transform the energy storage landscape.


GSE researchers say infants’ ability to recognize and prefer certain music may help further understanding of other types of learning.


The COMPASS trial provides more evidence that aspiration-based thrombectomy is a safe and effective alternative for patients with acute ischemic stroke.


Two new books by RIA researchers will provide resources to help people with alcohol use disorder manage their negative emotions and alcohol cravings.


Twice as many patients survive, thanks to a new protocol implemented by UB physicians and American Medical Response.


UB-led research found the way mental health is assessed in the juvenile justice system misses many problems, especially in youth on probation.


Work by UB geologist Elizabeth Thomas will lay the foundation for understanding how lake effect snowfall could change in a warming world.


The UB startup will use the $1.5M in Phase II STTR funding to advance technology to test how new drugs affect the heart’s electrical activity.


UB chemist Jason Benedict shares his insights on these winter wonders.


The switch in Christchurch, New Zealand, may help minimize damage to buildings and enhance the city’s resilience in future quakes.


UB researchers have identified a new chemical pathway that helps the brain detect sweet, savory and bitter flavors.


UB received a shoutout in the State of the State address for the key role it is playing in the advancement of autonomous vehicles.


UB researchers have found that in many cases of large vessel occlusion, the use of a stent retriever may not always be necessary.