Research News

Participants in 2016 Global Innovation Challenge hash over ideas.

This year's Global Innovation Challenge examines cultivating equity for those who grow our food.


The low-cost device — shaped like a birdhouse — could help provide drinking water to people affected by natural disasters.


The grant will support a UB program to cultivate a “racially, ethnically, linguistically diverse teaching force” in the Buffalo Public Schools.


The grants to engineers Johannes Hachmann, Oliver Kennedy and Lukasz Ziarek will support their research and educational outreach.


Pharmaceutical researcher Juliane Nguyen will use the NSF grant to support work on novel drug delivery aimed at treating incurable diseases.


Which comes first: behavioral support or medication? UB's Gregory Fabiano will tackle that question with the support of a $3.3 million federal grant.


UB researchers are using 3-D printers to make dentures filled with medication to treat infections common in denture wearers.


SUNY rsearchers will train West Indies scientists via a $1.1 million NIH award.


UB researchers have developed a new algorithm that cloud computing service providers can use to establish pricing and allocate resources.


UB study underscores need for older women to build up muscle strength early in the aging process.


A UB-led study found that patients who learned to control severe GI symptoms at home saw as much benefit as those treated with multiple clinic visits.


Light causes the crystal lattice to swell, opening new possibilities for such applications as artificial muscles and tiny electronics.


The Bruce Holm Memorial Catalyst Fund will support projects ranging from retrieving precious metals used in manufacturing to improving MRIs.