Research News

rear view of mother holding an infant

The UB-led study is believed to be the first to look at temperament traits as they relate to childhood obesity risks in infants whose mothers had gestational diabetes.


The new research by UB physicists illuminates some basic properties of these eccentric marvels of biology.


Narcissists make bad teammates — both in the NBA and in your workplace, according to a new study from the School of Management.


Violent games may trigger violent acts in people with a predisposition toward violence, according to new research by a UB education professor.


Researchers show they can quickly measure a protein’s microscopic movements, opening new possibilities in medical research.


UB is recruiting patients for a clinical trial for the first treatment designed to benefit patients with mild-to-moderate Parkinson’s disease dementia.


Chemist Qing Lin has received $2 million from the NIH to create tools to study how pharmaceuticals affect the inner workings of living cells.


Some states received more than their fair share in 2014, according to a new model developed by UB engineers, while others were shortchanged.


UB psychologist Kristin Gainey is using the technology to measure symptoms in real time to learn how immediate feelings relate to later symptoms.


UB researchers have developed a tool that lets medical professionals “teach” computers to correctly annotate medical images.


A new UB-led team of researchers and business leaders will advance health initiatives through academic research and capacity-building programs.


GSE researchers Richard Lamb and Elisabeth Etopio are using virtual reality in the classroom to help children who have experienced trauma.


UB and Roswell scientists are testing the therapy as a potential replacement for opioids in treating mucositis, a common side effect of chemo and radiation.