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Research News


With funding from the NSF, researchers are studying the impacts of heat and cold in Phoenix and Buffalo.


A UB study found privacy concerns prevent most patients from sharing their records electronically with health care providers.


A new UB study suggest that not all forms of social withdrawal are unhealthy.


Findings from the UB “mini-brain” research indicate the disease — triggered by malformations in the cerebral cortex —could potentially be treated in utero.


A UB-led study has found a significant reduction in death risk in women over 65 who regularly engage in light physical activity, such as regular chores.


UB researcher Melanie Sage is working to improve states’ compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act.


UB researcher Elizabeth Mietlicki-Baase is investigating hormone signaling and the link to overeating and drug addiction.


A UB-led study found the giant, extinct otter had an unexpectedly sturdy jaw, suggesting it may have been a top predator.


The scientist best known for developing the battery that powers implantable defibrillators will speak on energy storage.


UB researcher Howard Lasker is traveling to the island of St. John to study the impact of hurricanes Irma and Maria on coral reefs in the region.


The UB study of transgender adults aims to tailor interventions to increase testing for those in the population not receiving it.


Amid a shortage of child psychiatrists, the innovative program developed by UB's David Kaye has helped more than 7,000 New York children and adolescents.


The region, where humans leaving Africa may have first met Neanderthals, holds a unique spot in human evolution, UB scientists say.