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Posters promoting COVID vaccination available

 Informational poster about COVID-19 vaccinations.

This poster, designed by University Communications, is part of a campaign that encourages all members of the UB community to get immunized against COVID-19 if they are able to do so.


Published June 23, 2021


The messages are simple and true:

Vaccinated people can gather safely.

Vaccination is the best path to ending the COVID-19 pandemic.

UB employees work hard. COVID-19 vaccines work hard to protect them.

These statements and more like them form the crux of a new series of informational posters that members of the UB community will see as they return to campus in greater numbers this summer and fall.

The posters — one centers on a “Get Vaccinated” theme, the other six riff on the question “Are You Vaccinated?” — are part of the latest phase of UB’s health and safety campaign, which encourages all members of the UB community who are able to get immunized against COVID-19 to do so.

Created by University Communications, the posters are available for download at UB’s COVID-19 website.

The governor’s office previously announced it will require students across the SUNY system to be vaccinated to attend classes in person this fall. This effort primarily focuses on employees, who are not required to be vaccinated.

UB Human Resources estimates well over 80% of employees are vaccinated, based on those who have been coming to campus regularly and self-reporting their status through daily health checks. And as of last week, UB had collected proof of vaccination from roughly 2,500 employees.

The posters, as well as the social media tagline #HornsUpVaxDone, are being deployed to encourage the remaining members of the campus community to get vaccinated.

Additionally, UB has joined the COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge, a joint effort of the White House and the U.S. Department of Education to encourage students and employees at colleges and universities nationwide to get vaccinated. That effort will utilize the hashtag #COVIDCollegeChallenge in conjunction with #HornsUpVaxDone.