Danielle Meyer talks to host David Hill about nutrition and cancer

Danielle Meyer, in the background are different dishes of colorful food.

Episode 12: Nutrition and Cancer with Danielle Meyer

18:53 Run Time | March 26, 2024

Food has become an increasingly fraught subject in America. Is paleo good for you? Keto? Should everyone be intermittent fasting? Meanwhile, an increasing number of Americans under 50 are being diagnosed with cancer, particularly colon cancer. Is our diet the problem? In this episode of Driven to Discover, Dave Hill talks to public health researcher Danielle Meyer, a board-certified specialist in oncology nutrition and director of the undergraduate program in nutrition at the University at Buffalo, about these issues and more. A refreshingly honest and nonjudgmental spokesperson for food in all its varieties, Meyer dispels common myths, exonerates the downtrodden potato and eliminates grocery cart guilt for good.