Strategic Financial Advisory Committee

Revenue Generation Opportunities

The Strategic Financial Advisory Committee identified a number of revenue generation opportunities that continue to be implemented to benefit UB.

  • Develop a renewed emphasis and strategy for increasing the endowment and fundraising at all levels
    •     Leverage faculty participation in fundraising
    •     Better focus our investment in development
    •     Reevaluate alignment of development leadership and staff
    •     Expand international development opportunities
    •     Improve development infrastructure (tools, messages, structures)
  • Identify and remove barriers to collaborations and partnerships with outside enterprises
    •     Identify opportunities and create incentives to generate entrepreneurial collaborations and/or corporate sponsorships
  • Evaluate opportunities to lease campus space and facilities to external users
  • Assess opportunities to provide fee-based services to other SUNY / Academic institutions Examples include:
    •     Manage electronic products for libraries
    •     Payroll
  • Assess opportunities to more fully utilize the campus during traditional off-periods (e.g., summer)
  • Continue to develop strategies for increasing grant submissions
    •     Identifying traditional and non-traditional grant opportunities
    •     Greater support for developing grant proposals including statistical consults
    •     Mentoring new principal investigators
    •     Grant administration
  • Seek opportunities to increase tuition revenue through a rational tuition policy, differential tuition and increased enrollment of international and out of state students
  • Consider expanding international programs abroad
    •     Explore licensing and curriculum revenue opportunities
  • Create practice plan equivalents for the schools of nursing, pharmacy, social work
  • Evaluate opportunities to increase university fees such as course, lab and student fees, UBF Services Fee (7% fee), gift fees and various service fees
  • Create opportunities to grow revenues in Campus Dining and Shops and Housing
  • Consider opportunities to increase parking and transportation revenues
  • Evaluate licensing and trademarks and develop strategies for increasing revenues