Collaborating Research Centers and Departments

Image of test tubes.

Faculty involved in INS come from all over UB. Working with numerous departments and research centers, INS is a focal point for Nanoscience.

Collaborating Research Centers

Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics
Photonics—the science and technology based on light. In addition to education and training of students, and conducting research, the Institute is committed to contributing to the region's economic development

Center for Spin Effects and Quantum Information in Nanostructures (CSEQuIN)
Focusing onthe areas of spin effects and nanostructures, CSEQuIN facilitates cooperative, multidisciplinary activities and multi-investigator research proposals and projects.

The Center on Hybrid Nanodevices and Systems (CoHNS)
CoHNS integrates scientific and technological achievements in nanomaterials and electronics with fundamental engineering research in the fields of public healthcare, environmental monitoring and communication. CoHNS promotes new directions in UB research and generates original engineering technologies.

Affiliated Departments