UB 2020 Planning Archives

Phase I: Defining Academic Support

Guiding Principle

Enable the academic goals of the institution by aligning our operations with our strategic direction.

Primarily charged in three areas:

Operational Environment

  • Business processes
  • Enterprise technology support and systems
  • Campus policies
  • Organizational structures
  • Delivery systems and models

Long-term Facility and Space Planning

  • Comprehensive framework for capital construction, infrastructure and land-use programs
  • 10-15 year time horizon
  • Aligned to academic plan

Fundraising Campaign

  • Build an aggressive plan aligned to academic plan
  • Leverage traditional sources and create new sources to support growth and enrichment of strategic strengths
  • Transformation Initiatives will be identified, prioritized and sequenced by the Academic Support Planning Committee.

Initiatives will be aligned to Academic Planning.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Multidisciplinary, cross functional teams will be deployed to develop the Strategic Strengths and Operational Initiatives
  • Planning Committees will develop recommendations for Project Team membership
  • Project Teams will receive facilitation and project management support
  • Project Teams will provide regular updates to the Planning Committees on a schedule TBD
  • Planning Committees will provide regular updates to the Executive Committee