What is UB 2020?

The University at Buffalo’s mission as a leading 21st-century research university is dedicated to advancing the greater public good through our ideas, discoveries and innovations.

Panorama of UB's North Campus.

Our strategic vision, known as UB 2020,  is focused on raising our stature and expanding the impact of our mission even further—regionally, statewide, nationally and worldwide—through our pursuit of academic excellence.

This strategic vision is guided by two interrelated institutional values: advancing research and discovery with a profound societal impact; and creating relevant, transformative educational experiences that prepare leaders for the 21st-century world.

A long-range strategic plan, UB 2020 is a roadmap that guides the university in aligning resources and in making strategic investments to support our faculty, students, staff and the entire academic enterprise. UB 2020 provides an institutional context for making decisions at all levels of our organization, including investment in our university’s key academic priorities:

  • innovation and rigor throughout the undergraduate and graduate curricula;
  • translational and trans-disciplinary research innovation;
  • diversity of faculty and students;
  • global leadership in research and education;
  • community engagement;
  • regional and state economic development;
  • and the creation of a world-class physical campus environment to support 21st-century learners, educators and researchers.

Our guiding objective—from the inception of the UB 2020 strategic planning process in 2004, to our current efforts to build on this progress through the Realizing UB 2020 initiative—is to elevate and strengthen the academic profile of our university in order to:

  • advance excellence across the research enterprise,
  • provide our students with an exceptional education,
  • and deepen our impact on the broader communities we serve locally and globally.

Realizing the UB 2020 Vision:

With this research and educational paradigm, UB is steadily expanding our stature, renown and impact. The world’s best and brightest faculty are increasingly coming to UB because they want to be part of the cutting-edge research discoveries and breakthroughs at the intersection of disciplines.  At the same time, UB’s transformational education is preparing our students to face the challenges confronting our world and to become the future leaders in their professions and communities. UB is steadily attracting more high-caliber students who are drawn by the unique opportunity to work directly with faculty at the forefront of their fields.

In the process, UB is becoming even more widely known as a center of cross-disciplinary research; a leader in experiential education; and an innovative model among the nation’s great public research universities. And this progress is having a significant impact across our city and region and beyond: UB is playing a leading role in Buffalo’s revitalization while driving research, discovery and innovation that improve the quality of life locally and globally.