University of Rochester Center for AIDS Research

TPRC Scientists working in the lab.

Mission: To provide leadership, services and infrastructure necessary to: establish multidisciplinary collaborations that achieve high-impact discoveries; support the early career development of diverse young HIV/AIDS investigators; and to establish a distinctive scientific identity, placing the University of Rochester and the University at Buffalo at the forefront of HIV/AIDS research.

CFAR Pharmacology and Biomarkers Service

  • Bioanalytical Methods for Pre-clinical and Clinical Drug Quantification
  • Novel Intrahepatic Sampling Techniques for Liver Pharmacology
  • CNS Pharmacology and Drug Distribution Studies
  • Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Study Design and Analysis
  • Nanomedicine Formulation for HIV and TB medications
  • Translational Pharmacology and HIV Reservoir Eradication
  • Proteomic Applications and Measurement of HIV Broadly Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies Quantitation
  • Quality Laboratory Management Systems and Operations Research