Sixth Annual Three Minute Thesis Competition

Event Date: March 4, 2022

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Competition Finalists

  • Jocelyn E. Marshall

    Department: English

    Advisor: Myung Mi Kim and Carrie Bramen

    Biography: Jocelyn E. Marshall is a PhD Candidate in the Department of English from Tacoma, Washington. In her dissertation project entitled “Traumatic Reckonings as Feminist Praxis in 1970s-1980s U.S.-Based Women Artists”, Marshall examines how U.S.-based multiethnic women writers and artists address issues of gender-based and nation-state violence. Their research aims to identify feminist textual practices that interrogate the cultural and political implications of U.S. imperialism on displaced women and to expand historically male and psychoanalytic-centered trauma theories to advocate for the routine inclusion of trauma studies in gender, literary and visual studies. In their free time, Jocelyn enjoys rock climbing, hiking and scuba diving.

  • Sricharan Veeturi

    Department: Mechanical Engineering

    Advisor: Vincent Tutino

    Biography: Sricharan Veeturi is from Visakhapatnam, India. As a PhD candidate in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, his research is focused on improving risk assessments based on medical imaging that is critical to proper disease management and treatment planning for brain aneurysms. The goal of his research is to develop tools to aid clinicians in better understanding the risk associated with brain aneurysms through visualization and quantification of nuanced features in non-invasive imaging. Outside of his research, he plays tennis, chess, video games and likes to hike and run. Upon graduation, he plans to work in the research and development sector.

  • Maria Amir

    Department: Global, Gender and Sexuality Studies

    Advisor: Marla Segol

    Biography: Maria Amir is from Pakistan but has also lived in the United Kingdom and Denmark. As a PhD candidate in the Global, Gender & Sexuality Studies department, she is currently studying how indigenous folklore in Pakistan portrays female rebellion and resistance and tries to connect these themes with the Aurat Marches (Women's Marches) that have been taking place in the country since 2018. The goal of her work is to be able to demonstrate how art, poetry, and folklore can be crucial cornerstones for Pakistani feminist activism. In her spare time, she enjoys reading science fiction and painting. In the future, Amir wants to pursue a career in teaching.

  • Bita Nasiri

    Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Advisor: Stelios Andreadis

    Biography: Bita Nasiri is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and is from Semnan, Iran. Her research studies the production of cell-free vascular grafts that grow with the host after implantation in a neonatal lamb model by homing cells from the blood. The goal of her research is to discover if these vascular grafts could be considered as a potential candidate for the treatment of congenital heart disease because they can grow with the host, enabling them to serve as a permanent replacement and eliminating the need for repeated surgical procedures in babies while they grow. Nasiri’s hobbies include cooking, baking, walking, hiking, reading, listening to music and photography. Nasiri would like to continue researching and is seeking a research scientist position in the future.

  • Mahasweta Bhattacharya

    Department: Biomedical Engineering

    Advisor: Rudiyanto Gunawan

    Biography: From Kolkata, India, Mahasweta Bhattacharya is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. In her research, aims to understand how the activity of the brain enables a person to perform a task and to leverage this understanding in hopes to develop efficient brain-machine interfaces for the rehabilitation of neurodegenerative diseases. Her goal is to create an opportunity for neurodegenerative patients can have a better life not impeded by the inability to move, speak or work. Bhattacharya enjoys watching football, reading books and singing. In the future, she hopes to guide future researchers so that they can also continue the path of research for the betterment of humanity.

  • Chih-Han Liu

    Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Advisor: Eleni A. Kyriakidou

    Biography: Chih-Han Liu is from Tainan, Taiwan. As a PhD student in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, her research targets improving gasoline vehicle efficiencies by developing uniquely structured catalysts with enhanced durability and low-temperature activity for emission remediation. The goal of Liu’s research is to approach the elimination of 90% vehicle exhaust pollutants at 150 oC, thus meeting the strict emissions standards introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency. She loves photography and uses her drone to explore beautiful locations whenever she gets the chance. After completing her PhD, Liu would like to continue her work as a research and development engineer.