Seventh Annual Three Minute Thesis Competition

Event Date: March 3, 2023

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Competition Winners

First Place: Haley Chizuk

Department: Rehabilitation Science

Advisor: Dr. Barry S. Willer

Biography: Originally from Gilroy, California, Haley Chizuk is a member of the National Athletic Trainer Association and the International Brain Injury Association, as well as an athletic trainer and research assistant at UBMD. Her research aims to use objective data to aid in the decision-making process regarding athletes returning to sport post-concussion. By exploring biomarkers found in the saliva and RNA of concussed athletes, she hopes to make the playing field safer. A former athlete herself, Chizuk has played tennis and pole-vaulted and loves high-adrenaline activities like bobsledding on the world’s fastest track and cliff diving off the most southern point in the United States. She also enjoys hiking with her significant other and dog or playing board games with her friends and family. In addition, Chizuk regularly volunteers for WNY STEM, an organization that teaches high school students to build wheelchairs and prosthetics for local kids. In the future, she hopes to continue her research and work as a clinical professor in athletic training.

Second Place & People's Choice: Sandipa Bhattacharjee

Department: Economics

Advisor: Dr. Neel Rao

Biography: A native of Kolkata, India, Sandipa Bhattacharjee is an adjunct instructor of economics at the University at Buffalo, and is a member of the American Economic Association, Southern Economic Association and Eastern Economic Association. Sandipa researches education policies in India to examine the effect of education on the decisions women make about family planning. Her research aims to study education policy in India, where problems of early child marriage and adolescent pregnancy are still pronounced in society, specifically in rural areas. In her spare time, she enjoys singing classical music, reading books, watching TV shows, playing musical instruments and painting. In the future, Bhattacharjee wants to continue researching developmental issues in achieving equitable growth and ignite students’ passions as a professor in economics.

Third Place: Josie Diebold

Department: Social Work

Advisor: Dr. Annette Semanchin Jones

Biography: In her research, Grand Island native Josie Diebold explores what white antiracist organizers understand about the costs of racism to society and what they have to gain by fighting for racial justice. An organizer herself, Diebold is an active member of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Buffalo and is eager to discuss social change with anyone interested in getting involved. Diebold has five years of CrossFit and 11 years of veganism under her belt and enjoys reading, being an aunt, and snuggling her cat Peanut. One of her future goals is to acquire a tenure-track position in a social work department, where she will no doubt continue to work toward racial justice and encourage graduate students to sign their union cards.