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Publications 2019

1. Clark, B.S., G.L. Stein-O'Brien, F. Shiau, G. H. Cannon, E. Davis-Marcisak, T.S Sherman, C.P. Santiago, T.V. Hoang, F. Rajaii, R. E. James-Esposito, R. M. Gronostajski, E. J. Fertig, L. A. Goff, and S. Blackshaw. Single-Cell RNA-Seq Analysis of Retinal Develpment Identifies NFI Factors as Regulating Mitotic Exit and Late-Born Cell Specification. Neuron (2019) PMID: 31128945

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8. S.M. Boroujeni, A. Koontz, P. Mehrotra, G. Tseropoulos, M.E. Bronner, S.T. Andreadis (2019). Neural crest stem cells from human epidermis of aged donors maintain their multipotency in vitro and in vivo. Scientific Reports 9(1): 9750

9. K. Nam, S.M. Dean, C.T. Brown, C.-S. Wang, P. Lei, S.T. Andreadis* and O.J. Baker* (2019). Synergistic Effects of laminin peptides, VEGF and FGF9 on Salivary Gland Regeneration. Acta Biomaterialia 91: 186-194 (* co-corresponding authors) 

10. R.J. Smith Jr., T. Yi, B. Nasiri, C.K. Breuer, S.T. Andreadis (2019). Implantation of VEGF-functionalized vascular grafts: regenerative and immunological response. FASEB J. 33(4): 5089-5100

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Publications 2018

1. Harris, L., O. Zalucki, O. Clement, J. Fraser, E. Matuzelski, S. Oishi, T. J. Harvey, T. H. J. Burne, J. I. Heng, R. M. Gronostajski, and M. Piper. Neurogenic differentiation by hippocampal neural stem and progenitor cells is biased by NFIX expressionDevelopment 145 (2018) PMID:29437824 

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4. Vidovic, D., R. A. Davila, R. M. Gronostajski, T. J. Harvey, and M. Piper. Transcriptional regulation of ependymal cell maturation within the postnatal brainNeural Dev 13 (2018) 2. PMID:29452604 

5. Zalucki, O., D. Harkins, L. Harris, T. H. J. Burne, R. M. Gronostajski, and M. Piper. Analysis of hippocampal-dependent learning and memory behaviour in mice lacking Nfix from adult neural stem cellsBMC Res Notes 11 (2018) 564. PMID:30081965 PMC:PMC6080370

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Publications 2017

1. K. Nam, C. S. Wang, C. L. M. Maruyama, P. Lei, S. T. Andreadis, O. J. Baker, “L1 Peptide-Conjugated Fibrin Hydrogels Promote Salivary Gland Regeneration”, J. Dent. Res. 96, 798-806 (2017).

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