Student Profile

Yuqi Zhu

PhD, Wuxi Advanced Therapeutics

Yuqi Zhu.

“I now work at Wuxi Advanced Therapeutics in Philadelphia.  The techniques I learned from SCiRM help me a lot in my current career.  For example, in the iPSC platform we are reprogramming CD34+ cells to iPSC, and then programming the iPSC to the cells we are interested in.  I learned a lot about CD34+ while I was in SCiRM, including CD34+ isolation, expansion and differentiation.  Also, the multicolor flow cytometry technique that I acquired while I was working in SCiRM helps me a great deal in the CAR-t platform that I currently work on.  I am developing multiple panels (Cell Subset Panel, Cell Memory Panel., etc.) using this technique.  I am glad I had the opportunity to learn more in the stem cell area”.