UB Libraries presents The Black Lives Matter Poster Project, launched by Campus Living and Intercultural and Diversity Center, in February 2021 in the Silverman Library.

Our Commitment

At the University at Buffalo, we have amplified our call to combat injustice, oppression and racism in response to the societal strife that has been reverberating across the country. We approach our work from many different angles, at many different levels – from university-wide initiatives to decanal- and discipline-specific programming. Undergirding all of our efforts is the shared understanding that we can, and we must, effect change through education, research and engagement with the communities we serve.

The work described here does not represent an exhaustive list of our efforts toward social justice. Nonetheless, it demonstrates many of the ongoing initiatives and resources that have grown out of our enduring committment to creating a more equitable and inclusive society for our UB community and our world. 

Standing with Our UB Community