University Policies & Guidelines

Thanks go to the Faculty Staff Handbook Committee who have devoted their year-long time and attention to planning and implementing this new distribution platform. “Originally issued in 1972, these policies were extensively revised in 1978. Additional changes were made by then-President Steven B. Sample's Directive of September 13, 1982, concerning the President's Review Board, which directive was revised December 29, 1982, and by memos from the president on February 22, 1983, November 9, 1983, and June 1, 1984. Subsequent modifications of protocol and clarifications of language have also been incorporated. “ (From the original Handbook)


A Faculty/Staff Handbook Review Committee looked at the handbook, made recommendations on going to a fully digital platform, linking out to all current policies and retaining only the text that is still relevant.  Suggested updates were minor and all were approved by the committee without reservation in February 2018.  Those recommendations were sent to Provost Charles F. Zukoski for review on February 23, 2018. This platform was approved by Provost Zukoski on March 12, 2018.

That committee was comprised of the following group:

Robert Granfield, Convener: Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Mark Coldren, Convener: Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Elaine Cusker: Sr. Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Katharine Darling: Associate Dean for Academic Services; Graduate School

Philip Glick: Professor of Surgery, Pediatrics & Management, and Chair; Faculty Senate

Patricia Kane: Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Domenic Licata: Department of Art Instructional Support Technician, and Chair; Professional Staff Senate

Pamela Lojacono: Staff Associate for Policy & Operation Excellence; Human Resources

Christopher Putrino: Director of Employee Relations

James Jarvis: Associate Council for the University at Buffalo

Sarah Mack: Assistant Registrar for Communication & Compliance

Kathleen Manne: Assistant Vice President for Business Operations

Teresa Miller: Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence

Sharon Nolan-Weiss: Director for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion