Mission and Values

Our Mission


To provide education about the creation and evaluation of healthcare evidence as well as population-based healthcare decision-making.


To create and disseminate knowledge to healthcare professionals and partners of the Center by conducting innovative, independent translational research and evaluation of available data.


To use clinical, technical, and scientific expertise to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for evidence-based decision-making and optimization of patient care with a focus on underserved populations.


To serve the communities of Western New York and New York State by providing clarity when healthcare decisions are to be made.


To continually strive towards being the leader in development and evaluation of information in the fields of health outcomes, pharmacoepidemiology and education.

Core Values

  1. Healthcare works best when it is patient-focused.
  2. Optimal health outcomes are achieved when decisions are rational and evidence-based.
  3. Treating patients with the best care possible is the most cost-effective approach.
  4. The needs of the individual patient must be considered when making population-based decisions.
  5. Maintaining health and wellness, in addition to treating the sick, is vital to optimize patient outcomes.
  6. Organized, interdisciplinary, and collaborative care improves health outcomes.
  7. Fostering patient-provider partnership improves health outcomes.
  8. Understanding epidemiologic aspects of disease, wellness, and health services optimizes care.
  9. Patient health outcomes are impacted when practitioners receive current, unbiased, evidence-based education on best practices in pharmacotherapy.