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Learn more about degree requirements including advising, registration, plan of study, culminating experience and graduation.
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Graduate Studies Manual

This manual is designed to be a general reference for affiliated faculty associated with, and/or students pursuing a Master of Science in Sustainable Transportation and Logistics (STL). Included are policies and procedures as set forth by the SSISTL, as well as the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), and the Graduate School of the University of Buffalo.


The co-directors of the STL program serve as all students preliminary advisor. Students should seek a primary advisor no later than the end of the first semester, based on their intended concentration of study and interest in culminating experience.

Once selected, students are required to consult with their  major advisor to plan their coursework and determine the culminating experience option the student will complete to satisfy degree requirements. The permanent advisor provides guidance and helps direct the student’s project or thesis, and oversees the ePortfolio for students in the all-course option. The student’s M.S. thesis committee is chaired by the student’s permanent advisor.

Plan of Study

The MS program in Sustainable Transportation and Logistics is a 30-credit, 3-semester program (if completed full-time) and requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 every semester. Students have the option of choosing between two concentrations: transportation or logistics. Students should choose their electives from their intended concentration. If a student wishes to take an elective outside of their concentration, both their major advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies must approve the course.

By the end of the first semester in the program, students should have identified their primary advisor. At this point the student should work with their primary advisor to make out their plan of study for the remainder of their program.  The student should complete an STL Plan of Study Form that is to be signed by their advisor. This form should be returned to the Graduate Coordinator in 118 Bell Hall no later than the second week of the student's second semester.


Students are required to maintain continuous registration until they complete the program. Full-time status is 12 credit hours (9 for GA/TA/RA). If students meet the requirement to be registered for less than 12 credits, they must fill out the full-time status form  International students should contact ISSS about a reduced courseload form as well.

Culminating Experience

As part of each Master’s program of study, there is a culminating (“capstone”) experience that ranges from an ePortfolio to an M.S. thesis or project. A student, with approval of his/her permanent advisor, has the opportunity to choose a thesis or project as the culminating experience. The culminating experience will determine the number of electives the student must take in their course plan. The Thesis will replace 2 elective courses and the project will replace 1 elective course.

Students opting for the thesis or project must submit a proposal to their advisor for approval. These forms can be found on the Current Student Information page, or by seeing the graduate coordinator.

Graduation Requirements

Candidates must meet the Graduate School’s degree conferral requirements to be eligible to graduate:

  1. Maintain continuous registration each spring and fall semester until all requirements for the degree have been completed
  2. Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate study
  3. Fulfill the minimum residency requirement of 24 UB credits of registration
  4. Apply to graduate (in HUB) before deadline.
  5. Successfully complete a project, thesis, or ePortfolio 
    1. Thesis must be orally defended at the department level and electronically submitted to the Graduate School for approval and filing
    2. Project and ePortfolio must be approved by the student's primary advisor. A copy of the final project paper and ePortfolio link must also be sent to the graduate coordinator for retention purposes.

Further, the MS STL program requires that all students complete an exit interview with the institute director prior to graduation. Students should email the graduate coordinator to assist with setting up this exit interview in the final semester of the program. 

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