About Stephen Still

Portrait of Stephen Still.

Stephen Still is a UB alumnus who graduated with a bachelor’s in civil engineering with a specialty in transportation planning in 1976 and went on to earn master’s and doctoral degrees at Princeton University. Stephen has spent a prolific career in the field of transportation engineering in the airline industry, and then as the founder and manager of two successful companies -- Seabury Airplane Planning Group and Diio.

Early in his career, Stephen began giving back to UB, and has done so for almost two decades.

Stephen Still addresses a crowd at the First Annual Symposium on Transportation Informatics at UB in 2015.

Stephen serves on the SEAS Dean’s Advisory Council and on the Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Advisory Board. He has volunteered and made gifts to the school, particularly to support scholarships and student clubs. Still also serves on the advisory board for this institute.

On October 5, 2017, Stephen gave $4 million dollars to the School of Engineering and Applied Science to support the institute that now bears his name. His gift helps fund research, program initiatives, equipment costs, and the work of graduate students studying transportation. 

Transportation remains a focus of strength through the ISTL–and UB embraces the essential tenet that transportation studies need to be interdisciplinary by nature. 

It takes engineers of all types to design transport systems, but just as important, it takes visionaries in city planning, business administration, political science and nearly every field offered at UB to produce a meaningful impact."

Stephen Still
UB engineering alumnus