Steps to Claim IPCP Digital Badges:

Step 1: Complete the Digital Badge

Complete all Learning Activities for the digital badge and all Requirements associated with each Learning Activity. See the Office of Interprofessional Education website for the Learning Activities and Requirements for each of the three IPCP digital badges.

Step 2: Claim Your Digital Badge

Following completion of all Requirements for the digital badge, you will receive an email from Credly indicating that you may claim your digital badge. Instructions will be provided in the email. 

Step 3: Share Your Digital Badge

Congratulations! You have earned a digital badge from the University at Buffalo.

To immediately share your digital badge, click on "get started" within the email stating you have a digital badge waiting for you in Credly. You will be directed to UB's Credly website. If you are prompted to log in, do so by using your UBIT name and password.

Once logged in, you will see your digital badge and the evidence for which you earned it. To share on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, click on the "share" button and select the social media platform(s) of your choice. You will be prompted to allow Credly access to your social media account(s) to post your digital badge.

Step 4: Access and Share Your Digital Badges at Any Time

Digital badges are credentials that you own, so you can decide how you want to share them. If you choose not to immediately share your badge, you can log in to your Credly account at any time to access and share your digital badges. To do so you must log into Credly, click on the digital badge that you are ready to share and then click "share".

Sharing Options:

  1. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Select one of these social media platforms and allow Acclaim to access your account when you are prompted to do so.
  2. Link. From the "copy" tab, under "share a link," click the "create link" button. Copy the link and paste it where you wish to share (e.g., resume, email, etc.).
  3. Embed code. From the "copy" tab, under "embed," click "copy". Paste the HTML code wherever you wish to share (e.g., website, blog, etc.).
  4. Download. Click the "download" tab to download your badge to your computer or other device, or to download a printable certificate that showcases your badge.