Intellectual Property Assistance

Researchers examining samples.

We help you take your research from lab to market or assist with all the opportunities in between including intellectual property protection, licensing and commercialization. One of our primary roles is to  protect intellectual property developed by UB faculty, staff and students. Technology Transfer helps you avoid adverse circumstances that could harm the value of your intellectual property. 

About Intellectual Property Assistance

Technologies developed at UB can enjoy many kinds of formal and informal protections. Through its review process, Technology Transfer will determine what's most appropriate for your technology. 

UB helps the process by negotiating and executing all Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) in keeping with the university's research guidelines and its obligations to federal research sponsors.

Participation and Eligibility

As a researcher, consider what you need to do in protecting new discoveries, novel approaches or unique ideas. Or perhaps you see potential for commercial applications. Technology Transfer helps with those tasks as well as facilitating university/industry opportunities ranging from materials transfer and confidentiality agreements to research collaborations and licensing agreements.

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