Technology Transfer Services

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The UB Technology Transfer (TT) office guides researchers as their discoveries and inventions become new products and services, and negotiates contracts with industry.

About Technology Transfer Services

Technology Transfer works with UB inventors to identify and protect (e.g. patents and copyrights) new technologies with promising commercial potential. The process begins with an intellectual property and market opportunity assessment. Commercialization may include identifying an established company that will license and develop the technology, or formation of a startup company.

When faculty engage with industry to conduct research, Technology Transfer develops the contract and manages special UB industry engagement programs. UB SWIFT reduces transaction time with preferred exclusive license terms in a ready-to-sign industry sponsored research agreement. 

At UB, innovative technology is developed through the creative pursuits of our faculty, staff and students, or through targeted research in collaboration with our industry partners. Taken together, UB innovation is helping to build a resilient and expanding knowledge economy in Western New York and beyond.

Participation and Eligibility

Technology Transfer services primarily support UB faculty, staff and students and companies wishing to license technologies or sponsor company driven research projects.

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