Department for Materials, Design and Innovation

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Centered on establishing knowledge discovery in materials science by harnessing the tools of information and data science, this interdisciplinary department aims to transform the training and education of materials scientists and engineers to address society's need for significant acceleration of design and discovery of new materials, emergent properties, and processing strategies in a socially responsible manner.

About Department for Materials, Design and Innovation

The Department for Materials, Design and Innovation (MDI) has two research themes: The Methodology Science research cluster focuses on advancing and/or developing new techniques in experimental and computational materials science. The Discovery Science research cluster emphasizes innovations in the development of new materials, processes and expanding the design envelope for building devices and systems. Together this research impacts a broad range of technological applications including advanced manufacturing and biosciences/technology.

CMI provides a comprehensive set of computational and laboratory facilities for faculty, students and researchers. Materials Data Engineering Laboratory (MaDE@UB), Materials to Manufacturing (M2M) Lab and Molecular Metrology Laboratory serve as focal points for creating a shared and cooperative research environment for promoting interdisciplinary research among diverse groups.  

The MDI Hub is a broad range of engagement and outreach activities for the department—forging critical partnerships with community groups and non-governmental organizations to ensure research and educational activities have the greatest impact on a broad range of areas such as health, climate change, and energy sustainability. Initiatives of the MDI Hub are:

  • The Center for Materials Processing Data (CMPD): an academic partnership to serve industry that focuses on generating and collection of materials property data for use in manufacturing process models.
  • The CoRE Initiative: Collaboratory for a Regenerative Economy: a research and education partnership with non-governmental and community outreach organizations that brings together complementary expertise – in research, market analysis, policy formulation, and social innovation -- to support the transition towards a safer materials economy.
  • Industry Scholar Residence Program: hosts scientists and engineers from companies for long term collaborations to pursue research tailored to industrial needs.
  • MDI-In: An Intrepreneurship Initiative: a specialized training program where students adapt their research training in materials science to develop commercial products and/or patents. In coordination with UB’s Technology Incubator program and the Blackstone LaunchPad initiative, MDI-In offers graduate students a unique educational framework to harness intellectual entrepreneurship with business entrepreneurship.
  • MDI-TRI Partnership: Toyota Research Institute (TRI) supports a major research initiative in MDI that aims to make next generation vehicles carbon-neutral.

Participation and Eligibility

Academically qualified graduate students from all fields of science and engineering are welcome to apply. Basic admission requirements follow UB guidelines.

The MDI Explorer Program provides research opportunities in materials science for undergraduates and high school students.

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Margaret Poniatowski.

Margaret Poniatowski

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Materials Design and Innovation

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