Global Innovation Challenge (GIC)

Students gathered around an easel discussing the Global Innovation Challenge.

The Global Innovation Challenge brings together students, faculty and community members from various disciplines to learn about and develop strategies to address significant and persistent global health challenges. 

About Global Innovation Challenge

This three-credit course in the Department of Art teaches students how to innovate through design using approaches with social and user benefits. 

Design and Entrepreneurship explores design as an interdisciplinary practice invested in current and historical issues of theory, methodology, ethics and collaboration. The cultural impact of design and the role of the designer will be addressed within the context of sustainability and social justice; representations of class, gender and race; new technologies; public space; and DIY and user-centered production models.

Participation and Eligibility

Students must complete ART 221 and be accepted as a Communication Design major. Additional class fees may apply. This course is typically offered in the spring semester. 

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