Mastering Your Financials Class

A Mastering Your Financials Class.

The Mastering Your Financial Reports Program helps business owners and key strategic decision makers understand their financial reports to ensure long-term financial stability and success.

About Mastering Your Financials Class

Over this 12-week course, participants will gain tools to:

  • Create a basic and easy-to-use financial report template
  • Develop a process to set up an effective monthly report meeting with your team
  • Increase confidence about understanding your financial reports to the point that you look forward to reviewing them
  • Make better-informed decisions on capital purchases and the use of other company resources

Over the course of 24 classroom hours in an intimate class size, participants will become experts in reading financial reports and understanding them at a higher level. 

Participation and Eligibility

This program is for business owners and other company decision makers. Registration is required. Fees are $2,495 for the first participant, and $2,245 for each additional participant from the same company. For businesses currently enrolled in the Core Program or the Mastery Forum, the fee is $2,245 per participant.

For More Information

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