Center for Computational Research (CCR)

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The Center for Computational Research (CCR) is a leading academic supercomputing facility that maintains a high-performance computing environment, high-end visualization laboratories and support staff with expertise in computing visualization and data analytics.

About Center for Computational Research

Supercomputing capacities and technical expertise at the Center for Computational Research at UB (CCR) can help entrepreneurs advance their research, discover new products or drugs, accelerate product development and commercialization, go after grant dollars, and connect with faculty experts. CCR offers access to world-class, high-tech capacities that even larger companies may not be able to afford if they had to purchase this technology on their own. 

Specific areas where CCR can support academic and industry researchers include computational software, heating/cooling/flow operations, custom engineering, database engineering, informatics processing pipelines, machine/deep learning and artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, high speed renderings, and internal R&D problems. 

Staff at CCR are available for an initial consultation, after which they will partner to identify a collaboration, define a custom approach that utilizes high performance computing, and conduct project activities that are tailored to the needs of your company or research team. 

Participation and Eligibility

The Center is available to faculty researchers, selected students and industry partners. Students must be enrolled in a class that requires CCR and/or be working with a faculty member in order to access capacities at CCR.

For More Information

Adrian Levesque.

Adrian Levesque

Center for Computational Research

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