Driving Transdisciplinary Educational and Development Opportunities in Genomics

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The University at Buffalo Institute for Genomic Literacy (IGL) is an innovative, transdisciplinary offshoot  from the UB Genome, Environment and Microbiome Community of Excellence, and an initiative of the Office of the Provost. 

The Institute for Genomic Literacy is devising and implementing an educational strategy to prepare professionals and the general public to understand and promote advances in genomics that promise significant changes in medicine, agriculture, biodiversity, and the collective concept of what it means to be “human.” Through a broad exploration of science, humanity identity, ethics and justice, the Institute will build a culture of genomic literacy radiating from within UB outward to our region and beyond.

Three interrelated initiatives will be performed in parallel in a model exportable to SUNY institutions, making UB a destination for genomic literacy in graduate studies, advanced graduate certificates in a range of disciplines, and pre- and continuing professional education programming. 

Decanal Units involved in IGL

UB Courses and Programs Related to Genomics

UB offers courses in most disciplines that relate to helping students to better understand how the human genome, and genomics in general, informs their discipline and future profession. 

What We Do

Gathering of a group of scientists.

The UB Institute for Genomic Literacy convenes faculty from across decanal units to work on the common goal of improving genomic literacy within the University and the broader professional communities. 

Meet Our Faculty

The UB Institute for Genomic Literacy’s Faculty Steering Committee comprises expert representation from a wide variety of disciplines. Contact any of these faculty to learn more about their role in the Institute, or to get involved in your department’s genomic literacy efforts. 

Important Links

The UB Genome, Environment and Microbiome (GEM) Community of Excellence is closely tied to the work of the UB Institute for Genomic Literacy. Check out GEM's website for more information on pilot research projects, community outreach, and K-12 educational engagement.

Additional links to genomics resources can be accessed here.