Jean Jacob

Jacob family.

Jean K. Jacob gives a one-word answer when asked what motivates him to work hard in business: "Failure."

After earning his doctorate from the UB School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2001, Jacob worked as a pharmacist at CVS and Walgreens before completing a master’s of business administration degree at UB in 2009 and opening his own pharmacy in Bridgeport, Connecticut, that same year.

He and his wife, Anies, a holistic nurse, spent their entire savings to open the business, which Jacob designed to be a full-service pharmacy that accepts insurance coverage. He later expanded the business to Danbury, Connecticut, and today there are four Main Street Pharmacy locations in the two cities.

An assistant clinical professor at University of Connecticut, Jacob also is a member of several pharmaceutical organizations, including the National Community Pharmacists Association.  

His gift to UB Pharmacy funded the Jean K. and Anies Jacob Patient Assessment and Counseling Room in the Pharmacy Building. Jacob said he gave to support the pharmacy school’s new home because “I loved my time at UB” and because he remains committed to the school.

“The school, its faculty, my friends and classmates are unforgettable and I am committed to continued success for them and future generations,” Jacob said. “Everything stemmed from my education at UB.”

Despite his success in pharmacy and business, Jacob considers his biggest accomplishment in life to be “discovering the remarkable beings that surround my life.” He hopes that current pharmacy students will gain a similar “sense of community” through attending UB, and that “they, in turn, will pass that forward to the world.”