Standing Orders of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee

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To promote efficient administrative processes in the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) we have established a set of Standing Orders in accordance with Article VII, section 2C of the Faculty Senate Charter.  These Standing Orders pertain only to the FSEC and not to any other committee of the Faculty Senate or to the Faculty Senate itself.

I. Procedures

1. Membership and Meetings.

The FSEC will be constituted in accordance with Article VI, section 1 of the Faculty Senate Charter and will meet in accordance with Article VII, section 2 of the Faculty Senate Charter.

2. Representation of FSEC members on other Faculty Senate Committees.

At least one member of FSEC will be appointed to each Faculty Senate Committee to act as liaison to the committee and will report back to the FSEC as requested.

3. Agenda for the FSEC meetings.

A. The Agenda for the FSEC meetings will be determined by the Chair in consultation with the Secretary and the FSEC.

B. Items for placement on the agenda will be presented by any member of the Voting Faculty in writing to the Secretary of the Faculty Senate by the Thursday prior to the scheduled Wednesday meeting.  For special FSEC meetings, or should the FSEC meeting date change, the agenda items will be sent to the Secretary at least one week prior to the meeting.

C. The Agenda and other information for discussion will be sent to FSEC members 1-2 days prior to the meeting.

D. The Agenda will be voted on at the beginning of each FSEC meeting.

4. Reports of Faculty Senate Committees to the FSEC.

A. Committees of the Faculty Senate will report to the FSEC on a schedule determined at the first meeting of the FSEC for an academic year and at any other time requested by the FSEC in accordance with Article 6B of the Faculty Senate Standing Orders.

B. Reports will be submitted using a template approved by the FSEC.  The template will be listed as Appendix 1 of the Standing Orders.

5. Addressing items placed on the Table.

Any item placed on the Table at an FSEC meeting will be taken from the Table at the next FSEC meeting under Old Business unless remanded back to the Table by a majority vote at that meeting.

II. Amendment

Amendments to these Standing Orders may be proposed by any member of the FSEC by written request to the Secretary of the Senate one week prior to the next FSEC meeting.  These Standing Orders may be amended by a simple majority vote of the FSEC at a meeting containing a quorum.


Approved 4/15/15 unanimously