Just Green Enough book cover.
Cover for International Trade: the Basics.
Cover for Shrinking Cities.
Cover for Global Displacements: the Making of Uneven Development in the Caribbean.



New Release! Just Green Enough: Urban Development and Environmental Gentrification

Winifred Curran and Trina Hamilton




International Trade: the Basics

2017, Jessie P. Poon and David Rigby




Shrinking Cities: Understanding urban decline in the United States

2017, Russell Weaver, Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen Jason Knight, Amy E. Frazier




2017: Trade governance at a crossroads: Continuity and change in uncertain times
Abigail Cooke, Trina Hamilton, and Marion Werner


2017: Feminist political economy in geography: why now, what is different, and what for?
Marion Werner, Brenda Parker, Kate Derickson, and Kendra Strauss


2015: Cheap Imports and the Loss of US Manufacturing Jobs
Thomas Kemeny, David Rigby, and Abigail Cooke


2014: Linking Up to Development? Global Value Chains and the Making of a Post-Washington Consensus
Marion Werner, Jennifer Bair, and Victor Ramiro Fernandez


Coming soon!