Journal Articles

Below you can find an archived list of journal articles written by researchers associated with the Center for Trade, Environment and Development. The articles are listed from most recent to oldest. 

            2017, Abigail Cooke, Trina Hamilton, Marion Werner

            2014, Meredith Kolsky Lewis and Andrew D. Mitchell

            2014, David Rigby, Tom Kemeny, Abigail Cooke

            2014, Thomas Kemeny, David Rigby and Abigail Cooke

            2013, Burkard Eberlein, Kenneth W. Abbott, Julia Black, Errol Meidinger, Stepan Wood

            2012, Tarah J. Mellish and Errol Meidinger

            2012, Winifred Curran and Trina Hamilton

            2011, Meredith Kolsky Lewis

            2008, Errol Meidinger

            2008, Sara R. Curran and Abigail M. Cooke

            2007, David P. Angel, Trina Hamilton, and Matthew T. Huber

            2006, Meredith Kolsky Lewis

            1998, Errol Meidinger