Hepatitis C Knowledge and Treatment Motivation among Emergency Room Patients Presenting with Heroin Use


This study is designed to establish the ability to recruit and assess heroin patients seen in the ED and to characterize this sample with respect to the extent and trajectories of heroin and other drug use. The data will be used to support future grants: one focused on linking heroin patients to substance abuse treatment and one focused on motivating heroin patients to be tested and, if positive, treated for HCV infection.

Principal Investigator is Kenneth Leonard, PhD, RIA Director. Co-investigators are Kurt Dermen, PhD, and Florence Leong, PhD, of RIA, Sarahmona Przybyla, PhD, of UB’s Department of Community Health and Health Behavior, Ronald Moscati, MD, and Heather Lindstrom, PhD, from UB’s Department of Emergency Medicine, and Andrew Talal, MD, Anthony Martinez, MD, and Manoj Kumar, MD, from UB’s Department of Medicine. Funded by RIA's Howard T. Blane Director’s Award for Development of Innovative Research in the Addictions (BDAA), 2015-16.