Research Training on Alcohol Etiology and Treatment

Leonard | Collins | Homish
This grant funds a postdoctoral training program for scientists planning a career in addictions research.

The goal of the program, established in 2000, is to provide specialized postdoctoral training to scientists in preparation for conducting addictions research. The program provides quality research training on (1) the etiology and course of alcohol use and misuse and (2) treatment for alcohol use disorders. Trainees are assigned a specific preceptor, based on their research interests. The preceptor provides training in conceptualization, methodology, and ethics of research in the trainee’s primary area of study. The program also includes several seminar components, including Foundations of Interdisciplinary Alcohol Research, Current Alcohol Research (including a monthly “journal club”), Grant Writing, and Professional Issues and Career Development. 

Principal Investigators
Kenneth Leonard, PhD
Research Institute on Addictions

R. Lorraine Collins, PhD
Department of Community Health and Health Behavior
University at Buffalo

Funding Agency
National Institue on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Grant Number