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Updated: 4:45 P.M. November 24, 2020

Please be aware there are cases of coronavirus among the UB community. This dashboard is updated regularly and serves as UB’s primary method for communicating positive cases. UB’s COVID-19 dashboard has been updated to reflect clarification from New York State regarding the positive case threshold for the mandatory temporary suspension of in-person learning.

Surveillance testing to continue; UB retains in-person instruction until Nov. 24

After the Thanksgiving break (Nov. 25-29), UB will transition to remote learning for the rest of the fall semester. This will give UB time to complete SUNY-mandated pre-break testing of thousands of students before they leave for the break.

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Active Cases - Updated Daily

Confirmed Positive Cases in the Past 14 Days
Students living on-campus 47
Students living off-campus, taking class(es) on-campus 42
Employees working on-campus 11
Total on-campus cases 100
Students living off-campus, taking class(es) remotely 37
Employees working remotely 1
Total off-campus cases 38
Total Confirmed Positive Cases 138

In order to make critical decisions regarding UB’s operational and academic status, UB collects data on a daily basis for known, on and off-campus, positive coronavirus cases. UB uses the data to monitor the prevalence of the virus among the university community. On Aug. 31, UB began reporting these cases on a rolling 14-day period (the period of time identified by the CDC in which an individual is typically infected with the virus.)  UB will continue reporting data on a rolling, 14-day basis, in addition to reporting data for set, two week reporting periods, mandated by New York State.  

NY Higher Education Threshold
On-Campus Positive Cases
Nov. 21 to Dec. 4 25 / 100

Although UB reached the 100 on-campus cases threshold in the previous two-week period, the university will continue with in-person instruction as scheduled until November 24. Learn more.

The New York State threshold for transitioning to fully-remote learning is 100 positive tests in a set, two-week period. At the end of the two week period, the count of positive cases toward the 100-case threshold will reset to zero, per state mandate.  More information regarding this can be found in a Sept. 14 clarification memorandum from SUNY.

UB Isolation/Quarantine*
Students Currently in On-Campus Isolation/Quarantine 16
Students from restricted states in precautionary quarantine 0

* Isolation occurs when a person tests positive for COVID-19.
Quarantine occurs when a symptomatic person or close contact of an infected person is awaiting testing or test results. 

UB Administered Testing Data

Testing data includes results from surveillance and screening tests.

Last Week
Period Tests Positive % Positive
Nov. 14-20 8,228 28 0.3%

Historical Reporting

Confirmed positive cases within the UB community since August 21, 2020

Total Cumulative Confirmed Positive Cases

Reduction in Density

clock graphic.
Number of students
in in-person classes on North Campus at 10 a.m. on the first day (vs. 6,800 in Fall 2019)
Chair graphic.
Reduction of density in classrooms*
Bar Chart graphic.
Decrease in students taking daily in-person classes*
clock graphic.
Decrease in residence hall & campus apartment occupancy rates*
Number of faculty
teaching, Fall 2020
Number of faculty
teaching in-person only
*compared to Fall 2019

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