Latest Bulletins

    • 7/5/23: Campus vaccine clinics reopen with start of fall semester
      A flu and COVID-19 vaccine clinic will be set up on campus this fall to help the UB community stay healthy following a summer that saw COVID cases rise across the U.S. For additional details, visit the UBNow story.
    • 6/5/23: UB updates 2023-2024 academic year health and safety guidelines and requirements
      UB has updated guidelines and requirements for the 2023-2024 academic year, in accordance with guidance issued by SUNY. Please see the Health and Safety Guidelines for updates.
    • 4/12/23: SUNY Announces the End of the Emergency COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
      The State University of New York announced that a COVID-19 vaccine will no longer be mandated for students to attend SUNY’s 64 campuses, effective for summer courses, which coincides with the official end of the national public health emergency by President Biden’s administration.