About Us

Our Mission

The Center for Hybrid Rocket Exascale Simulation Technology, or CHREST, aims to advance space exploration through interdisciplinary research that will improve the operation of hybrid rocket motors and enable the next generation of low-cost space flight.

NASA Peregrine Rocket.

By bringing together faculty and students in engineering, computer science and mathematics, and industry and government partners, CHREST will leverage UB's expertise in both exascale computing and machine learning to better describe turbulent reacting flows. These flows are critical to the combustion environment needed to operate next-generation hybrid rocket motors.

Harnessing the power of Exascale computing will be a key step in advancing the science of hybrid rocket motor operation, through the use of predictive simulations and data-intensive reduced-order modeling. The vision of the center is to develop a new generation of computational tools that will solve the interdisciplinary problem of turbulent reacting and ablating boundary layers. This interdisciplinary research agenda requires experts from computational science and engineering, high performance computing, machine learning, combustion and continuum mechanics