Advancing the disciplinary core

of combustion modeling and simulation

Identifying cross-cutting applications

to co-evolve exascale computing and machine learning

Leveraging strategic partnerships

with industry government

Evolve training ecosystems

for workforce development
About Us

The Center for Hybrid Rocket Exascale Simulation Technology, or CHREST, aims to advance space exploration through interdisciplinary research that will improve the operation of hybrid rocket motors and enable the next generation of low-cost space flight.


In partnership with UB’s Institute for Computational and Data Enabled Sciences, our program trains students to analyze big and complex systems and data using high end computing and mathematically sound methodology, to design propulsion systems for space exploration.


Our focus is to leverage advances in both exascale computing and machine learning to better understand the turbulent mixing and fuel entrainment in the combustion environment that is critical to the operation of hybrid rocket motors.

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