Cuba Before Castro: A Century of Family Memoirs by Jorge J. E. Gracia

What We Ought and What We Can.

Published July 15, 2019

"In this partly biographical and partly philosophical work, Jorge Gracia provides us with an autobiographical account of his youth in Cuba prior and right after the Cuban Revolution. His is an unmatching riveting and revealing account of his life that can explain his love with philosophy, history and Hispanic/Latino culture in general. [...] With his broad background in the history of philosophy, especially Medieval and Latin American philosophy, Gracia has given us an exemplary account of how relevant philosophy could be for exploring challenging issues related to culture, ethnicity, and race. In sum, I think that unquestionably Jorge Gracia can be considered the living dean of Latin American philosophy in North America." — Vicente Medina, professor of philosophy, Seton Hall University. The book is available on Amazon.