Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Study Center

About UBASC (University at Buffalo APEC Study Center)

University at Buffalo’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) study center was established in 1994 by Chemistry professor Allan Cadenhead as part of the United States APEC study center (ASC) consortium ( Twenty-one of such university centers may be found in the United States to encourage institutional networks and academic research on trade and investment in the region. APEC was originally formed as a forum to encourage trade discussions among the twenty-one economies of the Asia-Pacific including the United States ( Canada, Mexico and Peru in the Americas. The first meeting between member countries’ Trade and Foreign Ministers took place in 1989. Since then, APEC’s organizational complexity has increased involving meetings and policy discussions among government representatives, businesses, academics and official observers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC). The APEC secretariat is housed in Singapore (

APEC Study Centers Consortium Conference, November 2023


Professor Jessie Poon (Geography)

Phone: 716 645-0485


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Professor Meredith Kolsky Lewis (Law)




Presentation and Talk


Rethinking East and Southeast Asia in the New Global Economy

Professor Henry Yeung, National University of Singapore

September 21st, 3pm, Filmore 170



Nila T. Gnamm Junior Faculty Research Fund

University at Buffalo’s ASC received a bequest named the Nila Gnamm Junior Faculty Research Fund in the early 2000s which became available in 2013. Since then, the Fund has provided a number of small grants to the research and scholarly activities related to quality-of-life issues in Southeast Asia among faculty and graduate students.

Call for Gnamm Fund Applications, Date Due: October 15, 2022


Past Awards


Jin-young Song, Department of Architecture, 'Experiment on Alternative Housing Paradigm at Southeast Asia'

Amanda Buonopane, Department of Anthropology, 'Struggles with Childlessness: Implications of Sunni Muslims' Infertility Experiences for Religious Engagement and Meanings of Kinship'

Dominique Bertrand, Department of Anthropology, 'Eco-tourism and Conservation of Macaques in Sulawesi'



Ernest Sternberg, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, 'April 17, 1975: The Annihilation of Phnom Penh: Revolutionary Ideology and Urban Genocide'

May Lin Cruz, Arts Management Program, 'Politics and Patronage and its Influence on Board Governance: A Case Study of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila'

Allison Graettinger, Center for GeoHazards Studies, 'Studying Debris Flow Deposits with Satellite Radar Imagery: Improving our Ability to Reconstruct Past Events'

Engielle Mae Paguican, Center for GeoHazards Studies Volano, 'Labor and Pyroclastic Flow Inundation Map for Mayou Volcano, Philippines: essential during its current renewed activity'

Steven Munoz, American Studies Program, 'Chinese Transnational Merchant Communities in the 16th Century' 

Deb Naybor, Department of Geography, 'Urban Mobility of Working Women in Singapore'

Karl Reza Sarvestani, Department of Linguistics, conference paper on Karen Phonetics at the 25th Annual Meeting of the Society for Southeast Asian Linguistics (SEALS 25)'                



Abigail Cooke, Department of Geography, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP) symposium 'Global Governance and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Perspectives from Singapore and Brunei Darussalam'

Marion Werner, Department of Geography, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) symposium ' Global Governance and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Perspectives from Vietnam and Malaysia'

Jennifer Gaynor, Department of History, 'Knowledge, Skills and Networks: 17th Century Precedents for Southeast Asian Maritime Power'



David Engel, School of Law, 'Law and Social Change in Thailand: Exploratory Interviews with Northern Thai Villagers'

Jiyoung Park, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, 'The Port of Singapore and Panama Canal Expansion: An Emerging Economic Opportunity?'

Mary Nell Trautner, Department of Sociology, 'Unwanted Sexual Attention, Masculinity, and Law in Singapore'

Neal Johnson, School of Law, 'Comparative Pharmacy Practice in Thailand and the United States'

David McCaskey, Department of History, 'A Cenematic Textbook: Constructions of a National Past through Modern Film in Vietnam'

Jihye Seong, Department of Linguistics, 'Mail Order Brides from Vietnam and their Children in Korea'

Gordon Tan, Department of Geography, 'Financial Human Capital: Evidence from Singapore and China'

Asian Studies AS 395 course on "Globalization and political change in Indonesia and Southeast Asia"



David Engel, School of Law, 'Training and Mentoring in Sociolegal Research for Students and Faculty at Chiangmai University Law School', December 2017 – January 2018'

Jessie Poon, Department of Geography,  'Rescaling Institutional Spaces: Islamic Finance in Malaysia' 

Mary Aldridge, School of Law, 'Thai and American Legal Education through the Experiences of Thai and American Law Students'

Luisa F. Angeles, Department of Chemistry, 'Occurrence of Anti Tuberculosis Drugs in Wastewater, Surface Water, and Drinking Water in the Philippines'

Azalia Primadita Muchransyah, Media Study, 'Film as Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Intervention Method among HIV-Infected Prisoners in Indonesia'

Christopher Hollister, Lockwood Library, 'Developing a Singaporean Studies Collection in the University at Buffalo Libraries'

Vinay Kumar, Department of Sociology, 'Spatial Analysis of Coexisting Cultural Urban Regeneration Processes and Their Outcomes in Kampong Glam, Singapore'

Gnamm-SIM scholarship $1000 (forthcoming)



Mary Grace Guardian, Chemistry Department

Dr Lance Rintamaki, Communication Department

Zena Toh, Communication Department

Asia at Noon, Asian Studies Program