Colloquium Series

Throughout the semester, the Department of Geography runs a Colloquium Series thematically tied to research and issues of a  geographical nature but intended to attract faculty, staff and students from across the disciplines. 

Unless otherwise specified, all Colloquia are at 3:15 pm in Fillmore 170.

All are welcome to join and attend. See the schedule below for further details. 

Current Schedule (Fall 2023)




Name and Organization


Faculty Host

Sept 15




AJ Kim

University at Buffalo

"(un)Sanctioned Atlanta: Immigrants Taking Place in the New South"

Dr. Scott Mackay

Sept 22  

Xiaoyang Zhang

South Dakota State University

"Long-term Record and Near-Real-Time Monitoring of Land Surface Phenology from Multiple Satellite Observations"
Dr. Leo Wang
Sept 29  

Sergii Skakun

University at Maryland

"The Impact of War in Ukraine on Land Cover and Land Use"
Dr. Julie Silva
Oct 6  

Yongmei Lu

Texas State University

"Environmental Exposure Assessment:  Can We Integrate Eulerian and Lagrangian Frameworks?"
Dr. Ling Bian
Nov 3  

Clio Andris

Georgia Institute of Technology

“Case Studies, Methods and New Tools for Geographic Social Network Analysis"
Dr. Yingjie Hu
Nov 17  

Irus Braverman

University at Buffalo

"Frontier Ecologies:  Israel's Climate Colonialism in the Occupied Jawlan-Golan Heights"
Dr. Marion Werner
Dec 1  

Daniela Aiello

Penn State

"Anti-racist and anti-colonial geographies of tenant organizing housing justice on Turtle Island” Dr. Meredith Palmer