Colloquium Series

Throughout the semester, the Department of Geography runs a Colloquium Series thematically tied to research and issues of a  geographical nature but intended to attract faculty, staff and students from across the disciplines. 

Unless otherwise specified, all Colloquia are at 3:15 pm in Fillmore 170.

All are welcome to join and attend. See the schedule below for further details. 

Current Schedule (Spring 2023)




Name and Organization


Faculty Host

Mar 3




PhD Student AAG Talk


Suiyuan Wang







Ying Lu







Chenyang Wei




”A novel framework for mapping updated fine-resolution populations with remote sensing and mobile phone data“


”The Current Status, Potential and Challenges of Remote Sensing for Large-Scale Mangrove Studies”


”Global Alpine Treeline Ecotone Dynamics (1985-2020) “

Dr. Scott Mackay

Mar 17  

PhD Student AAG Talk


Qingqing Chen







Boyu Wang









Fuzhen Yin




”Community Resilience to Wildfires:  A Network Analysis Approach by Utilizing Human Mobility Data”  


“Do People Care About Others' Opinions of Places? Utilizing Crowdsourced Data and Deep Learning to Model Peoples’ Review Patterns”


”How Information Propagation in Hybrid Spaces Affect People's Covid-19 Vaccination Decisions: Using ABMs to Simulate Vaccine  Uptake in Rural Areas”

Dr. Scott Mackay
Mar 31   Hannah Holleman "No Empires, No Wastelands: The Necessity of Forging a Real Ecological Solidarity for the 21st Century" Dr. Marion Werner
April 21   Alessandra Mezzadri “The afterlife of industrial work: Urban-to-rural labour transitions from the factory to the informal economy in northern India“ Dr. Marion Werner
May 12
  Richard Primack
Dr. Adam Wilson