Jang Kim

“All the faculty members were like family, and their common and salient temperament was research-orientation. ”
Dr. Jang Kim
Assistant Professor, Department of Communicology, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Dr. Jang Kim entered the UB doctoral program in Fall 2003, when he visited the US for the first time in his life.

“It felt to me that the UB department was a small, but strong one. All the faculty members were like family, and their common and salient temperament was research-orientation. I liked it. It was my dream department.”

Kim graduated in September 2007. But earlier, in Spring, 2007, he had already been offered a tenure-track faculty member position at Hawaii and accepted it. He credits such quick job search results to the strong training he received at UB.

“Due to the excellence of my UB Communication Department education, I was able to get the job!”

In terms of academic performance, UB graduates are on par with the top research departments in the world, Kim mentions.

“For its size, UB Communication is in the top 5% research departments among all the communication-related departments in the US. I can justify this judgment by research performance (both in quality and quantity), strong connection among alumni, and contribution to the discipline.

“What UB cultivated in our hearts was the eager and passion for research! My classmates are now working in Singapore, Canada, South Korea, Arizona, and many other places as faculty members and research scholars. We're proud of what we learned from the UB Communication Department.

“My number 1 mentor was, without doubt, Dr. George Barnett. I call him my 'academic dad.' He loves that name. He showed me the way to academic enthusiasm and a sea of knowledge in communication networks. Without his encouragement, I would not have published many peer-reviewed journal articles.

“Also, Dr. Junhao Hong showed me the exemplary case of how an international scholar can grow up in western academia. He supported me in terms of academic insights, encouragement, and diligence!

“The other faculty members, including Dr. Tom Feeley, Dr. Joe Woelfel, Dr. Frank Tutzauer, and Dr. Tom Jacobsen, and Dr. Devan Rosen were a big part of my beautiful memory of UB Communication. Even my other classmates and colleagues I met were a source of energy and satisfaction for me!”

Kim’s advice to prospective students?

“Do not doubt your bright future at all. Success can grow in your heart. Devote yourself to a research topic you like! Someday, you will find yourself treated as an expert in your area!!”