Estévez: Bottles to the Sea

Estévez: Bottles to the Sea.

Estévez: Bottles to the Sea

From September to December, 2015, the University of Miami will host an art exhibition of Carlos Estévez's installation, Bottles to the Sea.  In September, 2015, SUNY Press will publish a book that will serve both as a catalogue of the exhibition and a commentary on the significance of the installation. 

The installation consists of one-hundred drawings to be launched in bottles into the sea in different parts of the world at different times and occasions. Several interpretive strategies may be used to delve into the symbolism of the installation.

In the book about the installation, color reproductions of Estévez’s drawings are accompanied by English translations of the texts found in the drawings, as well as transcriptions of the original Spanish texts. 

The artist's work deals with elaborate explorations on the metaphor of launching bottles to the sea. The imagery explores the many dimensions of the human experience in relation to other beings, ranging from machines and blueprints to mollusks and plants.  

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