The Department of Media Study offers access to a range of tools and devices integral to the practice of media arts. Production labs include audio, film editing, and digital video editing as well as the "Sensing Lab." Three screening rooms are available along with a soundstage and television studio.

The School of Architecture and Planning's Materials and Methods Shop is one of the largest machine and assembly shops in the country for architecure programs. It contains a complete machine and assembly shop and one of the finest in any U.S. architecture school, contains 7,000 square feet of high-bay space and equipment ranging from planers to plasma cutters.

The Digital Workshop in the School of Architecture and Planning provides a range of the latest equipment dedicated to material research, model making and fabrication.

This suite includes a drafting studio, lighting lab and a ten-seat computer lab with design software, including Vectorworks, WYSIWIG, and Adobe Photoshop. A separate Project Studio for Sound Design is located adjacent to the Black Box theatre, and houses our ProTools recording suite.

With its natural light and windows overlooking Lake LaSalle, this large airy room provides an excellent environment for designing and sewing costumes.

This large well-appointed room is dedicated to props and other craft-related projects.

This shop houses all the tools and equipment used for building a show. Everything is done here, from carpentry to painting to welding. We place particular emphasis on providing a safe environment in which to work, so the shop includes a separate welding booth and dust collection system.

Each studio has a marley floor, an individual sound system, and 18-foot high mirrors on two sides.

This space is used for acting classes and as a rehearsal space for department productions. The room is configured like the Black Box Theatre, but more modestly equipped for lighting and sound.

The lab has a full woodshop, metals shop, bronze foundry, and casting room with stations for ceramic shell investment, wax work, rubber molding and plaster casting.  Most recently, we’ve added the Department of Art laser lab, with an 18” x 32” bed laser cutter.

Print Media is a child of invention conceived through scientific discovery and artistic investigation. It navigates the oceans of precision, process and play bridging the expanse of history and information technology. Our facilities provide the best of the past and present so students can learn how to create print objects that are stimulating and delightful.

The undergraduate painting courses are held in two large painting studios that are fully equipped and have natural light from skylights and windows. One studio is designated for introductory painting courses and a second studio is used for intermediate and advanced painting. In the advanced painting studio, students can set up individual work spaces, where they may work on an in-depth group of works.There are two studios designated for drawing on the second floor of CFA. One studio is set up for basic drawing and figure drawing. A larger drawing studio is used for intermediate and advanced drawing, with flat drawer files and large display and work areas.

Both analog and digital spaces including a film developing lab, a black and white printing darkroom, a Macintosh-based digital lab that includes 4 large format printers, print preparation space, and a shooting studio.

The Emerging Practices and Graphic Design Labs in the Department of Art feature state-of-the-art Macintosh workstations in the classroom and open lab, an audio recording and editing suite, and a DIY electronics lab.

The Audio Lab contains a Sound Isolation Booth and 8-channel mixer for recording and editing voiceovers and small instruments.

Baird houses classrooms, faculty offices, a music library, two rehearsal halls and 64 practice rooms. Baird Hall houses the Percussion Studio, two organ practice rooms, and instrument storage facilities.  Classrooms are well-equipped with recently-updated audio and visual technology.

The Music Library's primary mission is to support the instructional and research needs of the UB Department of Music. It provides a large, broad based collection suitable to support the rigorous demands of music scholarship, from the medieval period to the 21st centruy, from chant to rap.  The Music Library holds over 220,000 items including scores, sheet music, performance parts, periodicals, journals, books, sound recordings, videos and online databases and indexes.

The Lejaren Hiller Computer Music Studios of the UB Department of Music strives to offer students knowledge and tools allowing them to work independently on research and compositional projects, including algorithmic instrumental compositions, electroacoustic/tape pieces, works involving real-time interaction, and multimedia works which make use of specialized controllers, video, dancers and more.

Slee Hall exterior shot.

Slee Hall contains the 670-seat Lippes Concert Hall, a beautiful venue with a variable acoustical structure, which serves as the home to a number of notable concert series.

Llippes Concert Hall featuring C. B. Fiske Organ.

The centerpiece of Lippes Concert Hall is the C.B. Fisk organ, one of the premiere teaching organs on the East Coast. It is one of the largest mechanical-action organs in Western New York and is one of a very few organs to combine a fully mechanical stop action with a state-of-the-art computerized electronic combination action. Unique in its design at the time, the organ has become very influential, with numerous subsequent organs being based on its design. It is, however, most remarkable for its timbral and registral diversity, equally at home in the repertories of the North-German Baroque, 19th Century France, or the early 20th Century.