Katherine Cornell Theatre interior shot.

This unique “diamond-in-a-diamond” shaped space seats up to 340 and yet still manages to have an intimate feel.

Center for the arts atrium interior shot.

A spectacular two-story Atrium Lobby, topped by a vaulted skylight, can accomodate 800 people standing, or seat 400. The skylight and glass walls make the Atrium a room with a view of the sky above or Lake LaSalle beyond.

center for the arts mainstage theater interior shot.

The Center's 1,748-seat Mainstage is the largest of the building's four theatres. Special features include: A full, movable proscenium; Tunable walls for superb computer-controlled acoustics; Impressive, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems; Seventy line sets; Enormous 106 ft. wide x 48 ft. deep stage.

center for the arts drama theater interior shot.

The "warm" 388-seat Drama Theatre is done in moss green with cherry wood accent with an adjustable-width proscenium, 40 line-sets, a fully trapped stage, and an orchestra pit for 40 musicians. It's an ideal setting for creating synergy between audience and performer. Each seat offers a spectacular view.

center for the arts blackbox theater interior shot.

For those who aspire to a create-it-yourself aesthetic, the Black Box and Rehearsal Workshop Theatres allow just that. These two theatres can accomodate up to 150 seats in any configuration, providing flexible space for avant-garde productions, experimental theatre, music, and multimedia productions.

center for the arts screening room interior shot.

The 210-seat Screening Room has 35 mm as well as 16 mm film capability that includes surround-sound, along with a state-of-the-art video projection system for 3/4", SVHS, VHS, and DVD. A dual slide projection room has full remote capability.

the project space interior shot.

The Project Space, CFA 155, is open on a first-come, first-serve basis to faculty, students and staff for the exhibition of new works of art.

baird recital hall interior.

Capable of seating 150, and  equipped with a stage, footlights, klieg lights, 5.1 surround loudspeaker setup, a large projection screen and control room, Baird Recital Hall typically serves as the venue for chamber music performances, guest lectures, and multi/intermedia presentations.

lippes concert hall interior.

Slee Hall contains the 670 seat Lippes Concert Hall, a beautiful hall with a variable acoustical structure, which houses the beautiful C.B. Fisk organ.  Slee also houses two rehearsal rooms, a recording studio, and electronic music room.

UB Art Gallery.

Located in the Center for the Arts on the UB North campus. The Center features 5,000 square feet of exhibition space in its First Floor, Second Floor, and Lightwell Galleries.

intermedia performance studio.

The IPS was designed to create intermedia experiments in virtual and mixed reality, digital technology, computer science and live performance, particularly interested in how digital technology and virtual environments affect interpersonal dynamics and  the communal relationships that are traditionally a part of live performance.