UB Creative Arts Departments

Focused on built, social and cultural landscapes at all scales, we work to establish the conditions for architects and planners to create more equitable, sustainable and well-designed environments.

The study of literature is the study of life in all of its dimensions. UB English faculty are prize-winning teachers and scholars that include SUNY Distinguished Professors, winners of a Pulitzer Prize, Guggenheim, National Endowment for the Humanities and several other scholarly research awards.

The Department of Media Study’s mission is to conduct research and to provide educational programs in media production and theory to graduate and undergraduate students of DMS and related departments. Our object/territory of study is media from the late 19th to the 21st centuries (early film to computer-based media).

The University at Buffalo Department of Music offers performers, composers, and scholars a stimulating interdisciplinary environment in which to develop their talents.

Theatre & Dance at the University at Buffalo engages emerging artists, scholars, and audiences dedicated to sustaining and innovating the performing arts across disciplines. Our diverse programs integrate rigorous training, critical understanding, and impassioned creation supported by close faculty mentorship and developed in collaboration with internationally recognized guest artists.

“Different people see things differently.” The Department of Art at the University at Buffalo is dedicated to developing the creative skills of students in studio and post-studio art and graphic design, as well as their academic skills in aesthetics, critical theory, and art history in order to enable students to represent their unique visions within the contemporary cultural environment.